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Access your TeamXStream account and features on any mobile device or tablet.


TXS-Now is the latest addition to the TeamXStream video platform. It extends the capabilities from our websites (teamxstream.com, txsgo.com) to an application that allows you to watch & edit video offline.


TXS-Go is our mobile streaming app & website, making access to your team’s video easier. The app is free to use for teams that have TXS-Go as part of their plan.

TXS Go-Mobile

TXS-Go is our mobile streaming app & website, making access to your team’s video easier.

We often hear how players like to watch video of themselves or opponents on their own time.  The app allows video streaming in HD or SD, depending on your network speed.  You can access your Video Library, Conference Exchange, or Open Exchange or do basic video sharing.

The app is free to use for teams that have TXS-Go as part of their plan.

Visit www.TXSgo.com on your smartphone or tablet to access your video library over wifi or cellular data networks. OR Install the TXS-Go app from the App Store (iPhone, iPad, Android).

TXSgo.com in action

TXS-Now App

Put video into the hands of your team seamlessly from any device.

TXS-Now is the latest addition to the TeamXStream video platform.  It extends the capabilities from our websites (teamxstream.com, txsgo.com) to an application that allows you to watch & edit video offline.

With the app installed on your device, it synchronizes data from your TXS account (video library, clips, etc) so you utilize video with or without an internet connection.

TXS-Now Pricing

  • App for Coaches & Staff: $100 per device annually
  • App for Players: $50 per device annually

The total cost depends on the number devices registered

Available for Apple and Android Devices (iPad, iPhone), Android Tablets and Mac/Windows computers

Import / Download Video

There are various ways video can be brought into the TXS-Now app.

Sync your Device with TeamXStream.com

TXS-Now has the ability to synchronize the data from your TXS Account to your device for offline use.  In order to synchronize the device, an internet connection is required. Once a sync is complete, new video content will be available within the app, including your video library, conference exchange, open exchange, or traded video.   When players sync their devices, they will see videos that have been shared with them by the coaches.Video download is a separate action, not included as part of the sync.

Watch Videos & Clips

TXS-Now includes a video player that works in both online and offline mode.   When an internet connection is available, you can stream the video immediately without having to download it first.   You can also download video so that is ready to be watched offline when you are traveling. The video player can also display any clips you have created using our editor, or clips imported from SportsCode Gamebreaker. The Clip Player works with online streaming or with downloaded videos.

TXS Now Features

Video Editor (Online/Offline)

TeamXStream has offered an online editor for several years, but with TXS-Now we are able to expand the capabilities.  The editor works in online or offline mode, and any edits that are made offline can be sync’d later on for sharing.

Dual Screen Editor

Often times, coaches are limited to watching and editing video on the same screen.  We have developed a new and interesting way of editing, using TWO devices.  Enter “Dual Screen Editing”.

The 1st device is used to stream video from TeamXStream.com, while the 2nd device is used with the TXS-Now app. With this setup, you can watch the video in full screen or on a television, and interact with the code window and make your edits on the 2nd device.  

The advantage of this concept is that it maximizes the size of the video, while editing on a touch screen device. 

Live Event Editor

With the TXS-Now app, we offer a new function called “Live Event Editing”.  The Live Event Editor works offline, so it allows you to create edits while watching a live game or practice.  Upload the video and Sync your edits based on “anchoring events” such as the starting play (first whistle, first touch, etc).

The Live Event Editor can be used on any coach’s TXS-Now device (ie. smartphones, tablets, or laptops).

Additional TXS-Now Features

TeamXStream Uploads

You can now upload video from any device to TeamXStream using the TXS-Now app.

For example, you can upload…

  • full games on your mac or windows computer.
  • segments of practice or individual work videos from your tablet or phone.

The upload process is similar to what you see on TeamXStream.com. Videos are uploaded, processed, and placed into your online video library.

TeamXStream Downloads

Download video from your TeamXStream account directly into the app.   Any video in your video library can be downloaded by clicking the Download button.  The app will need a wifi connection to download the file.   Once completed, the video will be saved within the app until you choose to delete it.

You have the choice to download in HD or SD (depending on your network speed and available space).

Libraries & Search

The TXS-Now app organizes video the same as TeamXStream.com.  All of your uploaded videos and trades are available in the Main Video Library, while Conference and Open Exchange videos are separate.

The app also includes a search bar so you can find specific videos by name.

Web Import

Video files hosted on the web can be imported into the app.  Copy and paste the URL for the video file into the app, and the file will be downloaded from that website and added into the app.   Once inside the app, it can edited or uploaded to TXS.

File Import

Video files can be imported directly into the TXS-Now app.  This allows you to add video and beginning editing, all without an internet connection.

The video and edits can be sync’d (uploaded) to TeamXStream when an wifi connection is available.

Portable Network

On the road, you may struggle finding a good internet connection to access/download/upload video.  This can make it difficult share video with your team.  

We have a solution that allows sharing between TXS-Now devices, no internet connection required. Contact us for more details.


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