In recent updates, we’ve made the online Clip Player more user-friendly.  Read more to learn about the new enhancements.


There are 3 new user preferences across the top right of the page.


  1. Continuous Play or Single Clip.   If you want the video to stop after each clip, choose Single Clip.   If you want the next clip to start automatically, choose Continuous Play.
  2. You can now choose the video size, with “smaller video” or “larger video” as the options.   The benefit of smaller video is that you can see more of the timeline without scrolling.  The benefit of larger video is that you can see more video on your display, as it will automatically use all of the available space.  The choice is yours.
  3. Controls above / Controls below.  You can now place the controls above the video, or below the video to suit your preferences.  If you set the video size to large (see #2 above), you might want to move the controls to the top of the page to avoid having them pushed off the screen.

When you change your Clip Player preferences, they are reused for your future Clip Player sessions.   You don’t need to reset them every time.  The best browser for using the Clip Player is Google Chrome, in Presentation mode (an option in the Chrome “View” menu).

The Timeline section has also be changed in several ways.


  • It now has a scrollbar on the right, which is helpful when you’re timeline has many rows.
  • There is a new timecode printed across the top of the timeline, so you can easily see where the clips happened within the video.
  • The instances (clips) are now more accurately represented in the timeline.  Each clip is represented by a red block, which you can click to view that specific video clip.  You can also click on the code name on the left to watch the entire row.

When viewing clips, use your keyboard to control the experience.

The following keys can be used:

  • 1  – watch previous clip
  • 2  – restart current clip
  • 3  – watch next clip

… or change the video playback speed (slow / fast motion):

  • [  – slower speed (in increments)
  • ]  – regular speed
  • \  – faster speed (in increments)

… or jump forward/backward within the video:

  • left-arrow  – back 3 seconds
  • right-arrow – forward 3 seconds
  • down-arrrow – back 10 seconds
  • up-arrow – forward 10 seconds

We’ve also make it easier to add clips to a movie maker project, or to create a new project from scratch.


Hopefully these improvements make it easier for your coaches and athletes to watch the clips you’ve created using our editor (or imported).  The Clip Player is part of our video editing package, which is available in every plan that we offer.