TXS Video Editor

Tools to analyze, clip, share and present.

The TXS Video Editor is a set of online tools that allows coaches to watch and break down video. Teams use the editor to identify “coachable moments”, learn more about themselves, or scout opponents.

To perform editing, coaches create custom “code windows” using their own terminology and concepts.  By using the code window, its easy to analyze the video and share information with the staff and athletes.   Players can also be given editing access.

We’ve recently expanded the capabilities with TXS-Now app to allow offline, live event, and dual-screen editing.

Code Windows

A code window is a group of buttons that you create and use for editing video.  An example code window is created when you first use the video editor, but it can be customized, and new code windows can be created.  When building a code window, each button can be programmed to control the timing and length of each clip.   Hot Keys (keyboard shortcuts) can also be assigned to the code window for ease of use.

Clip Player

Once you’ve edited a video or imported your timeline, coaches and players can now review those instances online. You can select a single instance in any row or choose to watch the entire row. The timeline visual helps you find moments based on when they occurred in the game.


Movie Maker

The Movie Maker allows you to make new custom movies using clips from any timeline in your library. You can take a single instance or an entire row from your timeline and place it into a Movie Maker Project.

Once a project is completed, it can be exported as a completely separate video in your video library, perfect for sharing or for a presentation. You can continue to build on a movie project by adding new clips over time.


The Matrix allows you to search through any of your edited/coded video and pull out very specific bits of video to watch in the Clip Player.   You can search one or more videos, and then drill-down by codes & labels.  It allows you to execute searches across timelines, making it a powerful tool for finding video specific to what you are looking for.

For example…

  • You can watch every goal scored by your team across the entire season.
  • You can watch specific situations for your upcoming opponent, assuming you have broken down some film on them.
  • You can focus on individual players across a variety of games.

As you edit games with the same code windows, an extensive collection of those moments will be created for you to review or reuse.


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