Conference Exchange

Trading Videos within a Conference:

  • Upload your video and select the Conference Exchange option.  
  • Video goes directly into your private conference sharing library.  
  • Shared videos can be shared with your team (coaches, staff, players).
  • Participating teams receive email notifications and immediate access to your video
  • Private editing capabilities for all shared videos.

You Decide What You Share
Conference exchange is designed to meet your specific requirements.   For example, you can just upload home conference games or all home games.

CABS Checks & Balances System

The premise of CABS is that others can only scout you if you can scout them.
CABS prevents a team from watching current videos until they share their videos, so it’s to everyone’s advantage to share video sooner, rather than later.  

How Does CABS Work?
  • TeamXStream created a special checks and balances system known as “CABS” to keep teams accountable.
  • This system is specifically designed for conference games requiring video uploads.
  • Depending on the rules of the conference, CABS makes sure teams upload their videos accordingly.
  • CABS features an automated “soft-lock” for each team associated with your conference.
  • These “Locks” are managed by the system and remain in place until a required video is uploaded.
  • Once a video is shared, the “soft lock” is removed automatically.
What About My Conference Rules?

You can set-up CABS to work with the video exchange rules at your conference. Perhaps you have a 24-hour or 48-hour rule, which means you have that time to prepare and upload your video. The “soft lock” will be in effect during that time and is removed once the required video is uploaded.

How Does CABS Benefit Me?
  • Once your video is uploaded, you have access to the latest videos in your conference exchange library.
  • If other teams choose to delay, they will not have access to your video.  
  • The CABS policy creates a balance for everyone involved.

Open Exchange

The Open Exchange allows for sharing across divisions or entire organizations.

TeamXStream created this feature to help leagues and associations share videos within their groups.

  • Organizations or associations can share videos within their groups.
  • Over a course of a season, thousands of videos can be uploaded
  • Special platform for professional and club sports


Express Exchange

Express Exchange

What You Can Do With Express Exchange:

  • Create trade agreements
  • Send video to teams, scouts, or referees
  • Request video from another team

Express Exchange allows you to send video to any team, even if they are not members of TeamXStream.

You can also create trade agreements for future games as well as manage those agreements and attach video when necessary.

Premium Exchange

Premium Exchange

Do you find yourself spending hours emailing other coaches to get videos?

Premium Exchange is the solution. 

How It Works:

  • Create trade agreements in just minutes online
  • The automated system will contact the other teams for you
  • Easily attach videos to your agreements
  • Send and receive several videos throughout a season

Scout Agent

Planning your video exchange strategy is easy with Scout Agent.

Scout Agent uses innovative technology to make it easier than ever to find the perfect scouting opportunities. . Using the Premium Exchange tool, the Scout Agent compares your team’s schedule to others to determine the best scouting opportunities. Planning is simple with Scout Agent.

TeamXStream Premium Exchange

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