Match Data Services

TeamXStream is pleased to announce that we now offer Match Data Services to our clients across several sports, specifically Field Hockey, Lacrosse, and Soccer.  TeamXStream is now your central hub for video management, sharing, exchange, editing, and performance analysis.

In collaboration with Ortec Sports (Netherlands), we are now able to provide access to professional grade analytics data for your own matches, or for upcoming opponents.  Simply purchase an analysis package from TeamXStream, and we will provide access to data in the form of reports and categorized/searchable video clips.  Data is delivered directly to your TXS Account within 24-36 hours.

Contact us to learn more about this feature, and how it can integrate into your teams existing video analysis workflow.

Dashboard for Video Sharing & Review

The match data is brought into an intuitive Dashboard for coaches and players, so they can easily review video by categories, phases of the game, or by player.  You can also download XML for the individual categories if you wish to bring the match data into external applications.  Since the video is fully integrated into the TXS video platform, all of the standard tools can be used to work with the video.   The Clip Player, Timeline Views, Matrix Search, and the Movie Maker project for building custom presentations for the team.


View instances as they appear during the game in this visual Timeline.  Watch clips in slow-motion, or zoom in using our built-in controls.


Clip Player

The Clip Player is an easy way for players and coaches to review clips from the various categories of data.  Enlarge the video to full-screen for the best viewing experience.

Matrix Search

Search your clips with greater depth and context using our Matrix Search capabilities.  Search game actions, player tags, or areas of the field (zones).   Clicking on the data pulls up the relevant video clips for review.  Look for trends by searching across multiple games.


Team / Player Reports

Ortec supplies in-depth Match and Player reports for each event.