Recently we had the chance to speak with Eileen O’Reilly, the head coach of Montclair State Field Hockey in New Jersey.  It was interesting  to hear how video plays a significant role for the Montclair staff and players.  We spoke about Eileen’s coaching processes and strategies for utilizing video throughout the year.


In the preseason, the team uses practice and scrimmage video to study specific areas of the game.  Videos from past seasons are often utilized to provide examples and scenarios for the players to learn from.  More preseason time is allocated to having group video sessions, including the review of upcoming opponents.

In Season

As the regular season approaches, Eileen has a clear strategy and workflow for reviewing game film, and for scouting opponents. When breaking down video of future opponents, the depth of the analysis varies by opponent. They also take advantage of live scouting when possible.

O_REILLY_EileenWith the season in full swing, Eileen and her staff take time each week to edit and review their games using the online editor and Clip Player.  The code window she has created is clean and straightforward; focusing on attacking/defending game actions, set pieces, and goalie play.  Each clip has a description, and players are tagged in each clip (as labels) so they can use the Matrix Search to easily watch their relevant video clips.

Following each game, players receives an individual post-game report with comments, feedback, and references to specific clips.  Although the team has fewer group video sessions during the season, players continue to access video on their own or have individual sessions. Players prepare for the sessions by reviewing assigned clips.  Eileen has noticed significant results from individual reviews by offering constructive feedback.   Overall, the players’ response has been positive.  They can see what they are doing well, and what needs further attention as the season progresses.

Post Season

To review the season, they create custom movies using the Matrix Search and the Clip Database.  This allows her to search for similar events across any number of games.  By tagging highlights throughout the season, it becomes very easy to build highlight reels and other videos to analyze in the offseason.

It was great to hear how coaches use video as a teaching tool throughout the year, and appreciate the time she spent speaking with us.  Please feel free to contact if you have questions about features of your plan and how best to utilize them.