Share Videos & Documents

Tools to you help you manage & share videos and documents across your organization or within your team

Coaches & Staff

Add the entire staff to the TeamXStream account so everyone is on the same page. Anyone that is part of your program can be given access.


Engage with your athletes by sharing video. This includes games, practices, scrimmages, edited timelines and lessons.

Parents and Alumni

Share video with friends of the program.   Add subscribers to your Total Game Access (TGA) account and send specific videos out to them as a group.

TeamXStream has been a tremendous tool for us and has significantly aided our pre-game preparation of our team throughout the season.

Kevin Corrigan

Head Coach, Notre Dame Mens Lacrosse


TXS-Drive is the file/document sharing solution, hosted and managed by TeamXStream.

  • Share documents securely with your team.
  • Attach files to videos in your library.
  • TXS-Drive is integrated into the TXS Platform, so you can access your documents through our website, or you can install the desktop application.

Coaches, support staff, and athletes can have secure access to all of your team’s document such as travel documents, scouting reports, player evals, powerpoint/keynote, ibooks…..

Coordinating Referees & Education in a completely new way


Share video with game officials, officials coordinators and conference representatives to review activity.


Officials coordinator can review critical incidents from games, then share and discuss with the game crew.


Create analysis of calls, decisions and incidents and share as part of referee education.

Using TeamXStream, our staff can share video directly with officials and administrators.  Coaches can share video with us for open dialogue and communication.

Using the video library and clip database allows our officials to see all the relevant matches and gives an efficient way of distributing coaching notes for specific plays that helps us be more consistent as a group.  TeamXStream’s editing tools makes it easy for us to build themed presentations for education and gives us the ability to analyze performances, identifying best practices and areas for development & training.

Sandra Serafini

Women's Referee Manager, PRO Referees


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