Connecting with your team can be a challenge.  TeamXStream helps to make this process simple, quick, and seamless within the site.  Coaches can send individual and group email or text messages. Many of our teams this fall have enjoyed using the team messaging feature especially the text messaging.  This is because texts are less-ignored then other mediums.

Coaches are using text notifications to remind players about practices, scouting report releases, and other task oriented messages.  Sending a group text message is as simple as inputting the message, choosing who you would like to send the message to, and then sending.  Some messages may apply to the entire team while some will be for only a few players, the choice is yours as a coach.

To learn more about sending a group message or setting up user accounts, please review the tutorial article and video links below or contact support for further assistance.

Sending Team Messages

Accepting Text Messaging

Coming soon: new calendar feature with Team Messaging alerts built right in.


*Available on TXS-20 or higher plans