TXS Platform Tools

Everything you need to manage and organize your video exchange and share program


3 Ways to Upload Video

  • Basic Uploader- simple and easiest way to upload
  • Catalyst Uploader- fastest way to move large files using the Transfer Agent software
  • TXS-Now App- uploading made easy on your smartphone or tablet

Video Player

Watching videos is easy using TeamXStream.

There is no need to download files. Videos immediately play on the site in either SD or HD depending on your connection.

Our video player also includes features such as speed controls (fast/slow), advanced seeking (forward/back), and a visual scrubber that allows you to move freely around the video as it plays back.


Downloading videos allows you to watch your video offline or load it into an editing system. 

  • All files are downloaded in an MP4 (h.264) format, which is the most widely compatible format.
  • Use the basic download for most videos
  •  For longer videos use the Catalyst tool, which uses our Transfer Agent software to maximize your network speed.

Video Libraries

Separate your video into different libraries to making the site more user-friendly for your staff and players.   You can search your entire collection for specific videos, or you can create smaller libraries to make video easier to find.

File Conversion / Merging

Upload your video and TeamXStream takes care of the rest. You can upload any type of standard file directly from your camera. The system will immediately merge all of your clips into one file. The conversion steps happen much faster with TeamXStream because we leverage the power of large video processing servers. You can upload compressed files or large HD files. All files are converted into an MP4 format.

The TXS Platform provides all the tools you need